What To Expect

Consultation and Initial Treatment

We’ll spend the better part of an hour on your first visit basically making a list of issues you would like to resolve, and performing the necessary tests to verify what’s causing them. Some people come to us with 1 complaint with a relatively straight forward history and others have multiple complaints with complex histories. In either case, we take the time to get the clarity we need in order to proceed with treatment.

In most cases, we are able to begin treatment and pain relief on your first visit. The form your first treatment takes will depend heavily on what’s going on for you. The most common type of initial treatments are hands on muscle release, acupuncture, and joint mobilisation to try and give you some relief. In some instances, it is necessary for us to order x rays in order the proceed. If you need x Rays we can order them to be done with Pacific Radiology and have your results within a matter of days.

Follow up Treatments

Our follow up treatments average at around 20 minutes depending on your needs. Most people with active pain see us either once or twice per week initially to work on resolving their pain. There are similarities between gym work and pain relief in that it’s repetition that usually creates lasting change. The time it takes to experience a meaningful change in your pain level varies hugely, but the normal range is between 2 – 10 weeks depending on the severity of the issue.

Our approach to pain relief is flexible in the extreme, you wouldn’t think much of a gym if it only had one machine or one class. You’d be wise to not think much of a pain clinic if it only had one treatment. Our pain treatments include but are not limited to …

Pain is much like anything to do with the human body, one person’s healthy snack is another person’s severe food allergy. We all have similar but not identical needs in other words. When treating plantar fasciitis for example scar tissue stretching works for most, but for others different methods are necessary. When treating headaches, neck stretches and spinal joint mobilisation are helpful to most but others need deep work in the muscles of their neck and jaw.

Our treatment programs are more often than not an exploration of what your body requires in order to heal. We believe that it’s the fundamentals of integrity, determination, and flexibility that enable us to get the results we do.

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