Understanding Shockwave Therapy Treatment  For Erectile Dysfunction Treatment – From A Patient Perspective

Its perhaps a surprising fact that a rapidly growing number of men are choosing to use intense sound waves as an erectile dysfunction treatment. This therapy is called Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy. But in this blog, we’ll humanely call it Shockwave Therapy

To truly weigh up the value of Shockwave Therapy as an erectile dysfunction treatment, it’s essential first to understand what really causes erectile dysfunction. And also to understand the other treatments on the market. Including the pros and cons of the different treatment options. This way, the person living with erectile dysfunction can make informed decisions about shockwave therapy and about erectile dysfunction treatment in general. 

This blog may take 10-15 minutes to read properly. But by the end, you’lll understand shockwave therapy and erectile dysfunction at a whole new level. Knowledge is power!

Understanding Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Erectile dysfunction is defined as the inability to achieve or sustain an erection well enough to have a healthy sex life. Having an occasional issue with maintaining erection doesn’t count as true erectile dysfunction. True erectile dysfunction is a pattern of struggling to achieve an erection. Rather than an isolated incident. So, if you are reading this after a one-off incident of struggling to get an erection, relax for now because it is possible that it was just a one-off. However, if you are aware that you have erectile dysfunction as an ongoing issue, then understanding the erectile function and the role of Shockwave Therapy and treating it is worth the time.

One of the more surprising things about erectile dysfunction is just how common it is. Researchers estimate that around 30% of 30-year-olds suffer from erectile dysfunction, around 40% of people in their 40s suffer from erectile dysfunction, and around 50% of people in their 50s suffer from erectile dysfunction. Naturally, things tend to get worse as we get older.

If you read about the causes of erectile dysfunction, the list of contributing factors is long. Lifestyle factors like alcohol consumption are serious contributors to many cases of erectile dysfunction. Stress is a well-documented trigger for erectile dysfunction, which includes stress within a relationship but also stress outside of intimate relationships. Further, a strong correlation between erectile dysfunction, cardiovascular disease and weight gain has been conclusively shown in recent research. In other unsurprising news,  smokers get far more erectile dysfunction than non-smokers.

So, in many ways, erectile dysfunction has a lot to do with the entirety of a person’s health. Healthy people get less erectile dysfunction in the same way that they tend to get far fewer other health challenges, which is excellent news. We can treat our own erectile dysfunction by getting healthier. The possibility of a win-win situation opens up to us. Whereas if erectile dysfunction had turned out to be a random event millions would be stuck with erectile dysfunction, along with all the pain, shame and frustration that it causes. 

But what really causes erectile dysfunction on a physical level?

The True Cause Of Erectile Dysfunction Needing Treatment

Broadly speaking, there are three main physical mechanisms behind a healthy erection. Healthy arousal in the brain, healthy blood flow within the penis, and strong muscle contraction around the base of the penis. These are the three cornerstones of healthy erections and also the three cornerstones of erectile dysfunction when they go wrong.

All erections start deep in the limbic brain. Because this is where arousal starts, and it is arousal that leads to the physical chain of events that either lead to a healthy erection and great sex. Or ultimately fail and lead to erectile dysfunction and unsatisfactory sex.

Between the brain and the penis, the somatosensory system connects the sensory receptors in the penile skin, glans, and urethra and within the corpus cavernosum. And it’s the corpus cavernosa that is the business end of a healthy boner. But what is it?

Inside the penis, there are two large cylindrical chambers; these form the corpus cavernosa. In order to achieve an erection, the two sponge-like inflatable chambers must fill with blood. In order to maintain an erection that blood must stay trapped inside the chambers. Hence, each corpus cavernosa has its own artery and set of veins.

The mechanism behind achieving an erection is simple enough. Imagine that each corpus cavernosa is a water balloon, and its artery is the hose pipe that fills the balloon with water. Yet,  you will recall that if you turn on the tap to fill a water balloon and then turn it back off, the water inside the balloon just floods straight back out. The solution is to pinch the neck of the balloon after it is filled up so that the water doesn’t flow back out. Maintaining a healthy erection involves the same process. The base of the corpus must be pinched off so that blood doesn’t drain back out of the penis because that leads to loss of an erection. 

This need for blood to stay put in the penis is where the ischiocavernosus muscle comes into play. This essential muscle forms part of the superficial pelvic floor. The rest is composed of the bulbocavernosus muscle, which is responsible for ejaculation, and the transverse perineal muscles, which help us pee. 

The ischiocavernosus muscle works precisely like the hard pinch you give the neck of a water balloon to stop water from flowing back out. So, it is a keystone to a life lived free of the misery and disconnection of erectile dysfunction. 

So the brain and the tissues of the penis are involved in erectile dysfunction, that’s pretty clear. But what is the third piece of anatomy involved in erectile dysfunction? The entire cardiovascular system.

If a healthy erection is like a successfully blown-up water balloon, the cardiovascular system is the mains pressure that enables water to come through the tap to fill the balloon. In order for a healthy strong flow of blood to make it into a penis the entire system that it it plumbed into must be healthy. That system is comprised of arteries, veins and a big pump called your heart.

Understanding the role of these three main anatomical structures (brain – penis tissues – cardiovascular system) involved in healthy erectile function offers a simple framework for understanding the causes of erectile dysfunction. This is because these three structures are potentially where erectile dysfunction can be resolved,  naturally and restoratively. 

Erectile dysfunction can happen in the brain and central nervous system, as is the case with psychological erectile dysfunction. 

Erectile dysfunction can happen in the cardiovascular system, as is the case with severely unfit and overweight erectile dysfunction sufferers.

Erectile dysfunction can also happen in the penis itself, as is the case with patients who have weakened blood flow and muscle strength in their penile tissues and pelvic floor

If you have persistent erectile dysfunction, it will likely be caused by one or more of these issues, which could be excellent news. We do have ways of improving our psychological and cardiovascular health. And we most certainly have ways of strengthening muscles, which might mean we have every chance to tackle our erectile dysfunction effectively.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment & Your Health 

At this stage in proceedings, dysfunction is far from a mysterious or random condition because the vast majority of cases follow predictable health and well-being patterns. 

Hormonal issues such as low testosterone levels can play a significant part in perpetuating erectile dysfunction, most often in older men. Furthermore, a percentage of erectile dysfunction cases are caused by medical side effects, either to drugs or to procedures like prostatectomy.

Any medical condition that impacts healthy nerve or blood vessel function can contribute to erectile dysfunction. High blood pressure, heart disease, multiple sclerosis, kidney disease, and diabetes can all lead to erectile dysfunction. Over 50% of men with diabetes find they develop erectile dysfunction. Yet, more generally, erectile dysfunction tends to show up seemingly in its own right. That is, until we scratch a bit deeper than the surface. 

It is now well-documented that many cases of erectile dysfunction are intimately connected to cardiovascular decline. In the sense that we now know to be an early warning sign of cardiovascular disease in many cases. 

The growing body of evidence that we can accurately predict the likelihood of erectile dysfunction based on general health points to erectile dysfunction being a condition caused by poor health. Doctors now view erectile dysfunction as a warning sign of cardiovascular disease; it is also observed that smoking brings far higher risks of erectile dysfunction.

Whether or not it is good news that erectile dysfunction is caused by poor health and poor self-care is a matter of perspective. For some, this will be depressing news. Yet for others, learning that erectile dysfunction is caused by a lack of general health will be the best news possible because it will motivate them to improve their health and self-care.

Knowing that we can target erectile dysfunction by taking better care of ourselves opens up many opportunities not only for a better sex life but for better health in general. These insights point to erectile dysfunction being a manageable condition rather than a medical mystery. That’s great news.

Medical Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Modern medicine is a beautiful thing. Yet, like many wonderful things, it is not perfect.

One of medicine’s imperfections is that it tends to assume that the body cannot heal itself and that it is the doctor’s job to heal the body. This means that, overwhelmingly, your doctor is more likely to prescribe you a pill than an exercise regime. Underlying this is the idea that the pill does the fixing rather than the body being unable to heal itself.

The truth about this is that there are times when we need a pill and a doctor. We can no longer fix ourselves, yet there are many others where the body has an excellent ability to resolve conditions in a way that pills will never be able to do so. It is possible that, to some extent, erectile dysfunction is one of these areas where the body can heal and restore healthy function. Yet, if we look at the typical medical approach to erectile dysfunction treatment, it seems that doctors often fall for the idea that pills and surgery are then the only way to resolve erectile dysfunction.

The first line of defence is the use of pills like Viagra and Cialis, which lead to chemically induced erections as opposed to normal, healthy, physiologically induced directions. The second line of defence is the likes of penile implants, whereby the doctor is essentially attempting to replace/splint what they see as a broken body part. 

It is okay to acknowledge the value of these somewhat more invasive doctor-centered erectile dysfunction treatments whilst being open to the possibility that a healthy male body can resolve and strengthen its erectile function. It is also okay for individual patients to choose whether they want to pursue chemical and surgical solutions to their erectile dysfunction treatment. Or whether they prefer to seek means of restoring healthy tissue function without using pills and scalpels. A mixture of both approaches could work well for the individual. Essential life wisdom does seem to gently indicate that the least invasive and least dangerous approaches would be a healthy start point for erectile dysfunction treatments. Yet still mainstream doctors tend to offer more invasive approaches first, perhaps mostly out of habit. 

The positive upside of using a solution like Cialis for erectile dysfunction is that quick relief and quick gains can be achieved without much hard work or time investment. The downside of solutions like Viagra and Cialis for erectile dysfunction is that they don’t fix  the underlying problem. It’s also worth bearing in mind that a chemically induced erection is nowhere near as pleasurable or as healthy as finding drug-free ways to restore healthy erectile function.

There is a significant positive upside to seeking more natural and refreshing ways to resolve erectile dysfunction. It can lead to a far more pleasurable and enduring sex life. Free from reliance on drugs and implants. The downside to solutions of this nature is that they do require a substantial amount of effort in the long term to work as a successful treatment for erectile dysfunction. In this busy world, we don’t necessarily all have the bandwidth for this kind of effort, which is understandable. 

Restorative Erectile Dysfunction Treatment  – The Basics

The first and most important thing to consider when it comes to a restorative approach to erectile dysfunction treatment is that the word ‘natural’ does not necessarily mean less effective. Whilst there are areas within healthcare where the more intensive medical version of treatment is the more effective, that is not always the case with issues like erectile dysfunction. There is no evidence that a medical (drug and surgical) approach is more effective than a natural restorative one. In fact, many of the breadcrumbs on the trail suggest that the natural approach may be more effective than a more classical medical approach. 

A natural approach to erectile dysfunction treatment seeks to identify and resolve the underlying issues that are causing erectile dysfunction in the individual. For some, this may form a primarily psychological intervention that seeks to ease the psychological conditions leading to erectile dysfunction. In others, the restorative approach may mean targeting their cardiovascular health and strengthening their cardiovascular system. For others; still, it could still be more of a lifestyle intervention where they reduce alcohol consumption. Others may need to do straightforward floor exercises that prevent the backflow of blood during arousal. A multi-layered approach is likely necessary for the best outcomes for many cases.

For some erectile dysfunction sufferers, a multilayered treatment approach may form a combination of weight loss, stress management, and pelvic floor strengthening to the underlying factors of stress and muscle weakness. For another patient, the solution might be smoking cessation, reduced alcohol consumption, and general cardiovascular exercise to reduce the impact of chemicals and increase healthy blood flow to their penis.

These examples provide some essential insight into the essence of natural erectile dysfunction treatment. An approach where erectile dysfunction is not a symptom to be resolved with pills and potions but more a sign that something is wrong with the body that needs to be strengthened and healed. 

For those of us who are interested in health and wellness, it is natural that this approach is more appealing than simply taking pills to manage symptoms. Yet that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is an intrinsically better approach or that some people might find better results taking Cialis than exercising. It comes down to our natural disposition and the beliefs our personal life experiences have left us with.

We are blessed to live in a world where we can choose between different types of treatment and other ways of approaching our health challenges. We are even more blessed to live in a time where we know enough about erectile dysfunction to identify underlying balances in the body and be armed with the tools to tackle these issues, should we choose to do so. 

The rewards of a natural/restorative approach to erectile dysfunction treatment are potentially significant. Especially when we consider that it’s an early warning sign of cardiovascular disease in many sufferers. When we approach the underlying causes of our erectile dysfunction in the form of better care of our cardiovascular system, we simultaneously create a huge ripple effect of benefits that spill out into all the other areas of life that benefit from being healthy in the cardiovascular department. 

In addition to the more general restorative approach to erectile dysfunction treatment, there are targeted restorative treatments specifically for the tissues of the penis. The most popular of these penis-specific restorative erectile dysfunction treatments is shockwave therapy.

Understanding Shockwave Therapy – Before It Was An Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Intense sound waves can stimulate the body’s tissues to heal themselves. That is how Shockwave Therapy works. It might sound a bit weird, but it has been extensively researched.

The list of physical benefits that have been measured scientifically as a result of Shockwave Therapy is long. Researchers have studied its effect on a wide range of conditions, from tendinitis to stress fractures and even Alzheimer’s. Shockwave Therapy is of such broad research interest because we know it can trigger regeneration of a wide range of tissues.

Shockwave Therapy uses intense soundwaves to trigger healing responses in the body’s tissues. The mechanism behind this is known as hormetic stress. Hormetic stress is the same as the healthy stress our bodies go through when we exercise intensively and take cold showers. Hormetic stress is a cornerstone of health and one that Shockwave Therapy leverages.

Shockwave Therapy was not developed to treat erectile dysfunction or even designed for medical purposes. Its application in healthcare was virtually an accidental discovery. Many of the best scientific discoveries have been made both incidentally and accidentally.

In the 1980s, military researchers investigated the potential for using soundwaves as weapons. During this research, it became apparent that intense sound waves passing through the water were harmless to living tissue but could break pieces of ceramic. This discovery led to research into Shockwaves’ potential for treating kidney stones.

Kidney stones are a famously painful medical condition in which mineralisation occurs in the renal system, forming stones that block the tubes. The challenge this presents is in the removal of these stones safely without causing damage. However, it was found that you could fracture the kidney stone without damaging any of the surrounding tissue, and so after years of research, Shockwave Therapy was sanctioned as a treatment for kidney stones and is now currently used globally for that purpose.

In the mountain of research that was required to establish that Shockwave Therapy was safe and effective for its use in treating kidney stones, it was discovered that it also triggers the regeneration of the body tissues. Mostly soft tissues and bone; thus, in the past quarter of a century or more, Shock Therapy has been researched extensively for its use in healing musculoskeletal pain, but not only that, it has emerged as an effective treatment for many other conditions, including erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction and musculoskeletal pain seem like entirely different areas, yet in reality, both relate to the healthy function of soft tissues, or hopefully, hard tissues. Resolving muscle pain is not entirely unlike resolving erectile dysfunction. They both involve restoring full, healthy function to tissues and blood flow.

Erectile dysfunction treatment is now a significant application of Shockwave Therapy, and its usage continues to explode globally. 

Shockwave Therapy Treatment For Erectile Dysfunction – How It Works 

To understand how Shockwave Therapy works as an erectile dysfunction treatment, it’s helpful to understand one very particular scientific concept. That concept is ‘neoangiogenesis‘.

Neoangiogenesis is the growth of new blood vessels. In erectile dysfunction treatment, this neoangiogenesis happens inside the inflatable corpus cavernosa of the penis. In other words, the inflatable portion of the penis that allows healthy erections develops a new network of blood vessels after Shockwave therapy sessions.

It doesn’t take much scientific understanding to understand that a treatment which increases the number of blood vessels inside the penis is a logical treatment for erectile dysfunction, and that’s precisely what Shockwave Therapy does. 

Neoangiogenesis goes way beyond ‘increased blood flow’. It is the growth of new vascular networks. That means it doesn’t just increase the fluid in the system; it increases the amount of system there is for fluid to fill up.

On the face of it, it seems a little bizarre that sound waves can trigger the growth of new blood vessels inside the human body. But there is no doubt that it does because scientific studies have shown this happens after shockwave sessions.

The most likely explanation for this effect is that the agitation of the sound waves stimulates movement in the tissues of the penis and, like all tissues, penal tissue movement. Muscle tissue without movement is more like jelly, and penile tissue without movement is also like jelly. The healthy stimulation of physical Tissues maintains a healthy tone. So it seems most likely that shortly, therapy will have a treatment for erectile dysfunction that simulates healthy movement inside the tissue.

There are strong similarities between the changes observed under stem cell therapy and those seen after Shockwave Therapy; therefore it may be the case that the agitation of the soundwaves triggers stem cells, and this in turn leads to the growth of new blood vessels.

The Pro’s & Cons Of Shockwave Therapy For Erectile Dysfunction


Shockwave Therapy is a safe erectile dysfunction treatment.

Shockwave therapy is potentially the very safest of all erectile dysfunction treatments. Shockwave therapy has been extensively tested for its safety profile and treating many conditions. The results of these tests show an exemplary safety profile with virtually no known side effects, let alone serious side effects. Drugs like Viagra and Cialis cannot claim this. And the insertion of surgical implants into the penis can certainly not claim this either. All these classical medical approaches present far more risk when used as director dysfunction treatments.

Shockwave Therapy is a cost-effective erectile dysfunction treatment.

A course of treatment for erectile dysfunction using shockwave therapy costs more than many routine dental procedures. When compared with other treatments for erectile dysfunction, like stem cell therapy, shockwave therapy is far cheaper. It is also a more cost-effective option than surgery. 

Whether or not shock therapy treatment for erectile dysfunction could be considered ‘cheap’ is, however, subjective. It does cost more than a box of Viagra, and of course, any treatment that fails to work for you could be deemed expensive given that it doesn’t secure an outcome but still costs money. There are indeed, however, many other healthcare interventions that cost far more whilst not necessarily bringing the same kind of benefit to one’s life that successful erectile dysfunction treatment for many individuals and their partners. 

Shockwave Therapy is a non-invasive erectile dysfunction treatment. 

Pelvic floor exercises are probably the only erectile dysfunction treatment that could be considered less invasive than Shockwave therapy. Pinot implants involve full-blown surgery. Stem cell injections involve inserting needles into the penis, and medication involves adding Broadley toxic chemicals into the body, meanwhile Shockwave therapy. Only exposes the tissues of the body to soundwaves intrinsically. This is a far less invasive way of going about erectile dysfunction treatment. Then, a comprehensive list of options. Essential wisdom dictates that the least invasive options to treat our physical health are the ones we should consider first and then only consider more invasive options if the less invasive ones do not work for us. 

Shockwave Therapy is a natural (restorative) erectile dysfunction treatment. 

Shockwave therapy treatment for erectile dysfunction is a natural therapeutic way of treating the condition. Will this mean that it restores healthy function to the body’s tissues? The difference between using medication to treat erectile dysfunction and using shockwave therapy to treat erectile dysfunction could be compared to the difference between taking diet pills versus actually eating a healthy diet. Taking diet pills chemically alters the body’s metabolism whilst genuinely eating a healthy diet naturally restores healthy body composition. Neither of these is necessarily right or wrong, but a growing number of men prefer to try and fully restore the healthy function of their penis rather than artificially propping it up with medication and implants. For those individuals, the natural and therapeutic approach is far preferable and, therefore, presents a significant advantage offered by shock therapy as a treatment for erectile dysfunction.

Shockwave Therapy leads to more enjoyable sex than medications and implants. 

There is no question whatsoever that taking Viagra can assist with attaining an erection. Unfortunately, many men find that the erection does not lead to the same level of enjoyment offered as the effect of healthy natural blood flow to the penis.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with using medication to ease the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. It is an undeniable fact that the symptom relief offered by drugs and implants does not lead to a fully natural and enjoyable experience. Those who find that Shockwave therapy works enjoy restoration of the full enjoyment of sex.

Shockwave Therapy is a lasting erectile dysfunction treatment.

Sadly, taking Viagra only offers very temporary relief from the symptoms of build dysfunction measured in Hours. Cialis provides relief of symptoms for days. Most sufferers of erectile dysfunction crave far more lasting effects than those offered by these drugs.

Shockwave therapy lasting restoration of erectile function measured in months, if not years, men. Those who find success using Shockwave therapy as a treatment for erectile dysfunction sometimes need top-ups of treatment, so it’s not as if it’s a permanent fix for everyone. Compared to many other treatment options, it offers serious long-term relief of suffering.

Shockwave Therapy is a painless erectile dysfunction treatment.

Stem cell injections into the penis are not an enjoyable way to treat erectile dysfunction; in fact, from it. The same is true of having penile implants inserted. Meanwhile, Shockwave therapy sessions are essentially painless, and as such, many men prefer to try this option before they consider any of the more painful and invasive erectile dysfunction treatments.

One of the advantages of medication is that they don’t involve pain, so that is one area where Shockwave therapy and medications have a shared advantage. 

Shockwave Therapy is an effective erectile dysfunction treatment.

A significant number of studies show that shockwave therapy works well for erectile dysfunction. It is important, however, to note that medical grade is focused. Shockwave therapy works far better than the more common radial shockwave therapy.

Even those who choose to approach their erectile dysfunction treatment with shockwave therapy alone frequently find excellent results. Those willing to combine shockwave therapy with other approaches, like improving their fitness and strengthening their pelvic floor, can enjoy greater effects with therapy because it works synergistically, improving the healthy function of the body’s muscles and cardiovascular tissue.

There is still definitely more research needed to fully understand how effective shop therapy is for erectile dysfunction and exactly what the best way is to apply it. However, more than enough research supports using it as a preferred treatment option, especially considering its excellent safety record and the lack of side effects. 

Shockwave Therapy is infinitely more accessible than stem cell transplants.

Stem cell transplants offer another excellent therapeutic way to treat erectile dysfunction. Hissing the healing capacity of the body’s stem cells is a superb way to approach a condition like erectile dysfunction. Sadly, however, the costs of steel transplants are prohibitive, and this means that many men can only afford to trial stem cell treatments by travelling to other countries where the cost of steel therapy is moderately cost-effective. Meanwhile, the cost and accessibility of shock therapy are far greater, and far more of us can afford to be able to trial this therapy on our doorstep as opposed to having to travel across the world and still pay a financial price to see whether that treatment works for us. 


Shockwave Therapy doesn’t work 100% of the time as an erectile dysfunction treatment.

Sadly, no treatment works 100% of the time for any health condition, let alone something complex like erectile dysfunction. That’s just one of those frustrating facts of life.

The current best guess is that Shockwave therapy may work in 60 to 70% of cases in isolation. However, more research is needed to be certain of the numbers. The excellent uses a very significant number of men report that Shockwave therapy works extremely well for erectile dysfunction, even in isolation. Let alone the benefits received by those who are willing to combine. Shockwave therapy with improvements in their general health has been shown to improve the likelihood of symptom resolution through standard treatment,

None of the treatments we currently have offer a 100% rate for erectile dysfunction treatment. So, the best thing Patient can do is work their way through the treatments that make the most sense to them, starting with those with the best safety profile.

Shockwave Therapy costs more than pills.

Even though Shockwave therapy is a cost-effective erectile dysfunction treatment, it costs more than medications. Especially if those medications are subsidised

A combination of budget and personal preference will determine on a case-by-case basis whether people living with erectile dysfunction deem the additional expense of Shockwave therapy to be worth trial over and above medication like Viagra. Cost versus benefit is an equation that we each must navigate on our own terms.

Shockwave Therapy takes longer to work than pills for erectile dysfunction.

One of the really appealing things about medication is that it can offer quick relief from symptoms. That is definitely a strength, but taking medication has over almost any other treatment.

The effects of Shockwave I realised over a series of sessions, and the benefits tend to come along either within weeks or months, so therapy is not a quick fix for erectile dysfunction. Nonetheless, most people with real-life experience are aware that good things take time.

Shockwave Therapy is a less convenient erectile dysfunction treatment than medications.

One of the major selling points of medication for any condition is convenience. The right medication for the right condition often brings substantial relief of symptoms with very little effort and with no need for things like a lifestyle change. 

Shockwave therapy doesn’t require any major inconvenience other than the need for keeping a series of appointments at least around 20 minutes each. Yet there is no denying that having a prescription for Viagra or Cialis is a more convenient option especially if you need to travel in order to receive your shockwave therapy.

Shockwave Therapy is a less easily available erectile dysfunction treatment than medications.

You can receive treatment for erectile dysfunction from any family doctor in the form of Viagra and Cialis clinics that offer Shockwave therapy, which is far less common. This is especially true in countries like New Zealand, where there are even fewer clinics offering this cutting-edge treatment than in many Western countries.

This naturally means that availability is an issue compared with the ultra-accessible medication options. The worst case scenario for many erectile dysfunction sufferers is that they end up having to travel to another town repeatedly in order to receive a course of Shockwave therapy for their erectile dysfunction. Although, in fairness, many of the men who take this task find the effects to be well worth the effort.

Alternatives To Shockwave Therapy For Erectile Dysfunction (pros and cons)

Lifestyle change as an alternative to shockwave treatment for erectile dysfunction.

There are multiple lifestyle areas that can work as effective ‘treatments’ or, more accurately, ways to prevent erectile dysfunction. Reducing stress, increasing exercise and reducing consumption of alcohol and sugar are particularly potent approaches. 

When we are in a good, balanced state of health, our bodies work. When we are fit and healthy, our bodies move well. When we eat and sleep well and exercise, our brains work better. Remembering these facts and applying them to our sex lives is the real key to understanding erectile dysfunction treatment. 

Research has shown beyond any shadow of a doubt that if you can get your stress, alcohol consumption and cardiovascular health under control, the probability of suffering erectile dysfunction drops very significantly. Of the things one could learn about erectile dysfunction treatment, this could be the single most important. 

Lifestyle change as an alternative to shockwave treatment for erectile dysfunction – The pros.
  • Enjoyment – The real natural erections that come from restoring healthy physical function of the penis and vascular systems are infinitely more pleasurable than chemically forced erections. They also allow for a more spontaneous love life.
  • Cost Effective – The most cost-effective approach to erectile dysfunction by far. Going for a run and learning pelvic floor exercises on YouTube and following through on them costs nothing. The best things in life really are free.
  • Longevity – By restoring healthy function to your cardiovascular system as a treatment for erectile dysfunction, you indirectly impact your health as a whole and even your longevity. What could be better than that?
Lifestyle change as a treatment for erectile dysfunction – The cons.
  • Slow effect – Unlike Viagra, restoring health to the vascular system and muscle support of the penis takes time. Essentially, it’s exactly the same topic as getting fit. This requires patience. And patience is not always easy.
  • Inconvenient – Nothing compares to the short-term convenience of taking Viagra and having immediate relief from your symptoms. Making lifestyle changes and getting fitter and healthier definitely is not convenient. In this way, activities are either more fun or pay better. This is just a fact of life.
  • Difficulty – Erectile dysfunction is associated with cardiovascular disease and cardiovascular disease tends in most cases  to be associated with poor self-care (and genetics of course). The patterns of health  behaviour that we carry for a lifetime are very hard to break. Reducing alcohol is difficult, exercising more is difficult, reducing  stress is difficult. 

Stem cells as a treatment for erectile dysfunction.

Stem cells are differentiated cells that are able to regenerate, or generate tissue. Stem cells can be sourced from different tissues like bone marrow, fat tissue and umbilical cord.

Stem cell therapy for erectile dysfunction treatment aims to improve erectile function by triggering regeneration and angiogenesis. Thus, they work in a similar way to shockwave therapy. 

There is a growing body of research behind stem cell therapy for erectile dysfunction yet it is still considered an experimental treatment. It is always worth bearing in mind that there is no potential drug therapy for a given treatment. There is also a lack of funding, so the fact that there is not a great deal of Evidence. Maybe it has more to do with funding than whether stem cell therapy is effective  for erectile dysfunction treatment or not.

Stem cell therapy for erectile dysfunction – the pros.

Natural – Stem cell therapy harnesses the body’s own natural regenerative capacity. In much the same way that Shockwave therapy does. This means that there is genuine resolution of the underlying problem which tends to bring a more satisfactory and more lasting result than artificial solutions.

Minimally invasive – Stem self-therapy is one of the less invasive treatments for erectile dysfunction. It is infinitely less invasive than surgical implants and arguably less invasive than having to take pills all the time. Nonetheless, an injection is required.

Effective – steel therapy has shown excellent experimental Data as an erectile dysfunction treatment. This promise is likely to be re-created in our studies. At some point, progress is liable to be as it is not a drug therapy.

Stem cell therapy for erectile dysfunction – the cons.

Cost – the most common criticism of stem cell therapy is that it is very expensive. This has also led to large numbers of patients seeking treatment in countries other than their own where it is cheaper. It is worth considering that Shockwave therapy is far more affordable and also activates stem cells, before going to the expense for stem cell therapy. 

Risks – due to the fact that stem cells are injected into the penis, there are potential risks, including tissue damage, infections and other adverse reactions. There are always risks when you inject things into the body.

Unavailability – there is still a widespread lack of clinics offering stem therapy as an erectile dysfunction treatment. This fact, combined with the cost, makes for a treatment that is probably the least easily accessible of all erectile dysfunction treatments.

Viagra as a treatment for erectile dysfunction

Viagra belongs to a group of medications known as type PDE5 inhibitors. Sildenafil Is the correct name for the active constituent in Viagra. It works to help relax the blood vessels in the penis, which increases blood flow to the corpus. This increased blood flow improves erectile function. Viagra usually works within 30 to 60 minutes, and its effects last for around 426 hours. Viagra is a prescription medication for erectile dysfunction treatment and should only be used under the guidance of a healthcare provider. The reason why Viagra is a household name is it has offered great relief from erectile dysfunction for millions of men. In the process, it has made billions of dollars for Pfizer and its inventors.

Viagra For Erectile Dysfunction Treatment – The Pro’s

  • Convenience – Viagra can bring relief from chronic erectile dysfunction literally in a matter of minutes. It doesn’t require any lifestyle changes, surgical procedures or boring pelvic floor exercises. This understandably suits many people living with erectile dysfunction.
  • Well Researched – Viagra is most likely the most well researched erectile dysfunction treatment on the market. It is a fact of life that pharmaceutical companies have more funding for research than anyone. So if you purchase their products there tends to be lots of research behind it. Many consumers understandably take a lot of comfort from this.
  • Cost Effectiveness – Viagra is one of the most economically viable treatments for erectile dysfunction on the market today. Generic unbranded versions are also now available, which further reduces the cost of this mass-market erectile dysfunction treatment. 

Viagra For Erectile Dysfunction Treatment – The Con’s.

  • Enjoyment – The simple fact is that a chemically induced erection is nowhere near as pleasurable as a natural erection. So, while Viagra is great for managing symptoms of erectile dysfunction in the short term, a growing number of men prefer to target the underlying causes of their erectile dysfunction and restore their sex lives in the natural (and more enjoyable) way.
  • Short Action – While Cialis works over a period of days and can enable a series of sexual encounters over days, Viagra forces an erection over a period of hours, then wears off, leaving back where you’d started. Useful but not ideal for the long term.
  • Side Effects – There are numerous common side effects associated with using Viagra as a treatment for erectile dysfunction. These include digestive disturbances, headaches, dizziness and skin rashes. Arguably, in most cases, they are worth it to be able to make love, but it’s certainly less than ideal. 

Cialis treatment for erectile dysfunction.

The active ingredient in the drug Cialis is tadalafil, Which belongs to a class of drugs known as PDE5 inhibitors. We are sexually stimulated, nitric oxide is released in the corpus of the penis, which triggers a chemical cascade leading to the relaxation of blood vessels. Cialis works as an erectile dysfunction treatment, inhibiting PDE five and enabling sustained relaxation of the blood vessels. Other drug-based erectile dysfunction treatments tend to be quite short-acting. CLS lasts much longer and can improve reptile function over up to 36 hours. One of the potential benefits of Cialis is that by enabling improved sexual function, it can help in the longer term by strengthening the tissues of the penis. Erections, like so many things in life, are a use-it-or-lose-it gig.

Cialis for erectile dysfunction treatment – Pro’s.

  • Longer Action – Cialis is far longer acting than other erectile dysfunction treatment drugs. This extended window of efficacy offers greater flexibility and spontaneity concerning one’s sex life.
  • Broadly Effective – Cialis works well for various kinds of erectile dysfunction. Regardless of whether your erectile dysfunction is caused by psychological factors, underlying physical conditions, medical side effects, or muscle weakness on the velvet floor, Cialis still can offer effective relief from symptoms.
  • Additional benefits- Cialis comes with the added bonus of helping with symptoms of benign prosthetic hyperplasia. Many older men have chronic symptoms of an enlarged prostate, and Cialis can help with the symptoms of this, which is a great bonus.

Cialis For Erectile Dysfunction Treatment – Con’s.

  • Expensive – Cialis can be relatively expensive compared to some other drugs. It has, however, been on the market long enough that generic versions of tadalafil are increasingly available more cheaply.
  • Side effects  – Like all drugs, Cialis can cause side effects in some users. The known side effects include flushing, headaches, indigestion, back pain, muscle pain and nasal congestion.
  • Not for everyone – Cialis can be dangerous for some patients, but it is certainly not for everyone. Suppose you have heart problems, liver problems, problems, a history of stroke or high blood pressure. It may not be safe to take Cialis.

Implants as a treatment for erectile dysfunction.

Surgical implants can be placed into the penis as a treatment for erectile dysfunction. These surgeons think of everything, don’t they? The corpus of the penis is essentially a hydraulic mechanism, so it was always like that surgical device companies would find a way to create an inflatable prosthetic solution for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. 

Penile implants are inserted into the penis under general anaesthetic. There are two types of implants used for erectile dysfunction treatment. Inflatable implants consist of two cylinders implanted into the penis connected to a reservoir of fluid placed inside the abdomen and malleable implants essentially offer some rigidity to the penis, but I’m not blown up.

Inflatable implants are pumped up by squeezing a pump that is implanted into the scrotum that transfers fluid from the reservoir into the cylinders.

Implants as a treatment for erectile dysfunction – The Pro’s.

  • Relief – There is no doubt that using an inflatable implant restores the ability to have penetrative sex. This can be of great help, especially with respect to being able to please one’s partner.
  • Convenience – Having to resort to penile implants is obviously a ‘less than ideal’ solution to erectile dysfunction. The only real silver lining is that it doesn’t take a huge amount of longer-term effort. The surgeon does the ‘hard’ work. 

Implants as a treatment for erectile dysfunction – The Con’s.

  • Lack of Enjoyment – The reality is that an implant restores the mechanical ability to have penetrative sex. This is a beautiful thing, but it’s important to manage expectations. An implant erection will never feel like a real erection.
  • Lack Of Spontaneity – Having to pump up your scrotum to mechanically inflate your penis has been called a mood killer. Understandably. And mood is an important part of a full and enjoyable sex life.
  • Expensive – Surgical solutions are usually among the most expensive and risky approaches to health issues. Penile implants for erectile dysfunction are very much a part of this inevitable fact of surgical life.
  • Safety – There is no getting around the fact that surgery and general anaesthetic carry meaningful risks, including the risk of death. Therefore, of all the possible erectile dysfunction treatments available, surgical implantation is the only one that can kill you. 

Conclusions On Shockwave Therapy For Erectile Dysfunction.

A full review of today’s erectile dysfunction treatment options reveals shockwave treatment to be an excellent option. It potentially offers more spontaneity and enjoyment of sex than Viagra. Shockwave therapy offers more lasting effects than a drug like Cialis. It is safer than surgery, more cost-effective than stem cell transplants and more convenient than working on weight loss, fitness and pelvic floor exercises. 

The wisest way to approach erectile dysfunction treatment is most likely to choose shockwave therapy, but not limit your approach to any one method. 

Given what we know about erectile dysfunction now, the wisest approach is to use drug therapies in the short term for symptom relief. However, in the long term, we should take heed of the research and work on cardio health, pelvic floor strength, and stress management.

Shockwave therapy is a way to attend to the cardiovascular health of the penis itself because of its ability to trigger neoangiogenesis (new blood vessel growth). So, arguably, it should be used as part of the plan to improve cardio health, along with a healthy diet and exercise. 

Although it isn’t strictly recommended, if you want shockwave therapy to be the magic bullet for your erectile dysfunction, it could still be that. Research indicates at least 60% of men report excellent improvements with shockwave therapy alone. Those results are achieved safely and cost-effectively. 

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