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Our service is for people who want to be truly free of chronic tension headaches. Which usually means tension headache treatments that heal the real causes of headache. Deep in the tissues of the neck and jaw. It also means moving past outdated and overly simplistic ‘symptom based’ approaches to pain. 

Our tension headache treatment combines cutting-edge technology, hands-on methods, tailored rehab programs and stress management.

We provide transformative headache treatment in a welcoming and friendly environment. For us, genuine care and authentic communication are not bonus features. They are healthcare fundamentals!

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A Comprehensive Approach To Tension Headache Treatment

Our tension headaches treatments aim to relieve your headaches as quickly as possible. Using headache treatments that ease muscle spasm, increase tissue mobility, increase blood flow, decrease inflammation & break up scar tissue.

Our tension headache treatment combines some of the most advanced pain management technologies available anywhere; with a range of manual pain relief methods. Our vision for the care we provide is pretty simple  ‘’All the stuff that actually works and none of the stuff that doesn’t – under one roof’’’. 

If you need preventative measures for your tension headaches we have got you covered. Combining tailored soft tissue exercises with specific and lifestyle tweaks is the key to preventing recurrence in most cases.


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Tension Headache Causes

Understanding the cause of your headaches is essential if you are interested in finding successful longer term relief.

Tension Headache Treatments

The first step towards finding relief from your tension headaches is knowing what your treatment options are.

Tension Headache Triggers

Understanding tension headache triggers can make life a lot easier: while you seek treatment for your headaches' underlying issues.

Tension Headaches Treatment FAQs

There are many possible ways in which one might be ablate reduce tension headaches. Managing stress, diet and exercises factors can of great help to many people with tension headaches. Sometimes treatments around the neck shoulders and jaw can be helpful too, acupuncture, deep tissue release and spinal ,manipulation are all worth exploring.

Why do I keep getting tension headaches?

If you are experiencing stubborn tension headaches there will definitely be a reason for it. Pain is always an indicator that something us not right within the body/mind system.

Work environments, working tasks, diet, stress, exercise and posture can all influence tension the likelihood of you having tension headaches. The best way to gain a better understanding of whats causing your tension headaches is to seek help from a practitioner who has experience in figuring these things out.

Most tension headaches last from 1 – 6 hours. Drinking enough water, pain killers, reducing stress and resting sufficiently can all help reduce duration. If you have a persistent headache that isn’t going away you should seek help from trained healthcare providers.

The majority of tension headaches have a ‘stressy’ component. Sometimes even relatively low levels of stress can cause tension headaches it has built up over a longer period of time.

Tension headaches are in no way dangerous or life threatening, the pills you take for headaches probably carrier a higher risk of serious issues than the headaches themselves. There are however cases where headaches are a sign that something more serious is going on. If you have headaches it’s always best to get them checked out by a professional.

There is no single ‘best treatment’ for tension headaches, we all have different needs when it comes to pain relief. Treatments that target release of tension in the soft tissues of the neck, jaw and shoulders can be helpful for many people. Making adjustments to posture, diet and stress levels can also be extremely beneficial.

Acupuncture can be a great help to many tension headache sufferers. Acupuncture as treatment for tension headaches is performed with the intention of reducing spasm and inflammation on the soft tissues of the neck, jaw and shoulders.

Fluorescent lights flicker at an extremely high frequency which is a highly unusual form of light source that is seldom found in nature.Many people find that fluorescent lights are a trigger for tension headaches. If you are suffering from tension headaches that seem to be arising in an office environment it is worth knowing that the postural and stress related factors common to these environments are also major tension headache triggers.

Migraines are more well known for having food triggers but tension headaches can also be triggered by certain foods. Obvious factors like alcohol and refined sugar are worth considering. A percentage of people have more unusual food intolerances that relate to foods that are considered healthy, tomatoes for example.

A classic tension headache is not a sign of anything serious. There are instances however where a headache can be ‘secondary’ to a more serious condition. if you are not prone to headaches and suddenly find that you are getting them it is always wise to get checked up by a professional.

If you are having symptoms that you feel unsure about seek professional advice. The instance of headaches being caused by a brain aneurysm is extremely low but if you are concerned its better to be safe than sorry.

For most people it is perfectly safe to take pain killers for their tension headaches. It is advisable to seek the advice of a pharmacist or your doctor on what pain killers might be right for you. Using pain killers as a longer term management strategy for tension headaches is foolhardy, trying to find the reasons for the tension headache and resolve them is a far smarter approach.

The overwhelming majority of us have to be extremely dehydrated before we get a headache. Dehydration is however a common headache trigger, many people with tension headaches that they will reliably get a headache if they do not keep on top of their hydration levels. If you are highly sensitive to dehydration in this way there must be something deeper going on with your well being. Research has shown for example that the human brain shrinks when it is under chronic stress.

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