Iliotibial Band Pain Treatment

Our service is for people who want to be truly free from stubborn iliotibial band pain. This involves iliotibial band pain treatment that heals the real causes of pain deep in the body’s tissues and mechanics. It also means moving beyond outdated ‘symptom-based approaches to pain.

We combine cutting-edge technology, hands-on methods, tailored rehab programs and biomechanical analysis. This enables us to manage everything from fresh ITB injuries to the most stubborn treatment-resistant iliotibial pain cases.

We provide transformative healthcare in a welcoming and friendly environment. Genuine care and authentic communication are not bonus features for us; they are healthcare fundamentals.

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Gold Standard Iliotibial Band Treatments

Our iliotibial band pain treatments aim to relieve your pain as quickly as possible. Using interventions that ease muscle spasms, increase tissue mobility, decrease inflammation & break up scar tissue.

Our ITB pain treatments combine some of the most advanced pain management technologies available anywhere with a range of manual pain relief methods. Our vision for the care we provide is pretty simple  ‘’All the stuff that actually works and none of the stuff that doesn’t – under one roof’’’. 

If you need longer-term preventative measures for your iliotibial band / ITB pain we have got you covered. Combining specific sets of core and glute exercises with tailored ergonomic principles is the key to preventing recurrence in most cases of stubborn iliotibial band / ITB pain. 


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ITB Pain Causes

There are many possible causes of ITB pain. Knowing how to accurately diagnose the underlying causes of ITB pain can be a tricky job, even for trained professionals. Read our comprehensive guide to the possible causes.

ITB Pain Treatments

Many people still struggle to find iliotobial band pain treatments that work for them, and there are many perspectives on the best way to treat it. The good news is that most causes of ITB pain are very treatable with the right tools.

ITB Pain Exercises

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